D-Jax Corporation

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D-Jax Corporation has provided producers and operators quality field services from their beginning in 1972. Highly skilled and experienced technicians, using the latest in instrumentation and software offer the following field services:
• Repair and Installation of D-Jax Pump Off Controls
• Fluid Level Surveys
• TRRC H-15 Fluid Level Surveys
• Qualitative Dynamometer Surveys
• Quantitative Dynamometer Surveys

D-Jax History

D-Jax Corporation was formed in 1972 by Mr. M. D. “Dee” Mills. He had over 50 years of experience working with beam-pumped wells. Mr. Mills was a creative and innovative inventor who was constantly seeking cost-effective and efficient ways to improve beam-pumped operations. In his passion for oilfield production, Mr. Mills kept two fundamentals in mind:

1. Put something back into the industry by designing and manufacturing user-friendly products.
2. Always support D-Jax products with timely warranted service after the sale.

Mr. Mills passed away in 2011 and he is greatly missed. His legacy lives on through D-Jax Corporations’ commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly products backed by the best customer service possible.

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